Livres (avec comité de lecture)

Anthony Kevins. (2017) Expanding Welfare in an Age of Austerity: Increasing Protection in an Unprotected World, Amsterdam University Press (Série : Changing Welfare States).

Articles (dans des revues avec comité de lecture)

Anthony Kevin et Seonghui Lee. (À paraître) « Projection in the Face of Centrism: Voter Inferences about Candidates’ Party Affiliation in Low-information Contexts », Political Psychology.

Anthony Kevins et Barbara Vis. (OnlineFirst) « Do Public Consultations Reduce Blame Attribution? The Impact of Consultation Characteristics, Gender, and Gender Attitudes », Political Behavior.
-Résumé sur Stuk Rood Vlees et le Political Behavior Blog

Alexander Horn, Anthony Kevins, Carsten Jensen et Kees van Kersbergen. (OnlineFirst) « Political Parties and Social Groups: New Perspectives and Data on Group and Policy Appeals », Party Politics.

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Naomi Lightman et Anthony Kevins. (2021) « ‘Women’s Work’: Welfare State Spending and the Gendered and Classed Dynamics of Unpaid Care », Gender & Society, 35(5): 778-805.
-Résumé sur Work in Progress et le Gender & Society Blog

Anthony Kevins. (2021) « Race, Class, or Both? Responses to Candidate Characteristics in Canada, the UK, and the US », Politics, Groups, and Identities, 9(4): 699-720.

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-Résumé sur le Social Policy Blog

Naomi Lightman et Anthony Kevins. (2019) « Bonus or Burden? Care Work, Inequality, and Job Satisfaction in Eighteen European Countries », European Sociological Review, 35(6): 825–844.

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Carsten Jensen et Anthony Kevins. (2019) « Numbers and Attitudes Towards Welfare State Generosity », Political Studies, 67(2): 496–516.
-Récipiendaire du prix du meilleur article publié en 2019 dans Political Studies
-Résumé sur le LSE British Politics & Policy Blog

Anthony Kevins et Kees van Kersbergen. (2019) « The Effects of Welfare State Universalism on Migrant Integration », Policy & Politics, 47(1): 115-132.
-Résumé sur Discover Society et le Policy & Politics Journal Blog

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Anthony Kevins et Stuart Soroka. (2018) « Growing Apart? Partisan Sorting in Canada, 1992-2015 », Canadian Journal of Political Science, 51(1): 103-133.
-Couverture médiatique dans The Globe and Mail et Maclean’s

Alexander Horn, Anthony Kevins, Carsten Jensen et Kees van Kersbergen. (2017) « Peeping at the Corpus – What is Really Going on Behind the Equality and Welfare Items of the Manifesto Project? », Journal of European Social Policy, 27(5) : 403-416.

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Chapitres de Livre

Anthony Kevins. (2022) “When Does Immigration Shape Support for a Universal Basic Income? The Role of Education and Employment Status”, The Handbook on Migration and Welfare, Markus M. L. Crepaz (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing.