About Me

I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies in Loughborough University’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

At Loughborough University, I serve as Undergraduate Admissions Lead and Open Day Student Recruitment Deputy for the Department of International Relations, Politics and History, and am a committee member of the Loughborough University and College Union branch.

I also hold a five-year appointment to the UK Young Academy and am a member of the Political Communication Theme at the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture.

Before starting at Loughborough, I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Utrecht University’s School of Governance, where I worked with Barbara Vis, and I held a 3-year Assistant Professorship in the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University (in affiliation with the Universalism and the Welfare State research project).

My PhD is from McGill University’s Department of Political Science, where I was supervised by Stuart Soroka.

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