Books (Peer-Reviewed)

Anthony Kevins. (2017) Expanding Welfare in an Age of Austerity: Increasing Protection in an Unprotected World, Amsterdam University Press (Series: Changing Welfare States).

Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

Alexander Horn, Anthony Kevins, and Kees van Kersbergen. (OnlineFirst) “Workfare and Attitudes toward the Unemployed: New Evidence on Policy Feedback from 1990 to 2018”, Comparative Political Studies.

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Anthony Kevins and Barbara Vis. (OnlineFirst) “Do Public Consultations Reduce Blame Attribution? The Impact of Consultation Characteristics, Gender, and Gender Attitudes”, Political Behavior.
-Outreach via Stuk Rood Vlees and the Political Behavior Blog

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-Outreach via Work in Progress and the Gender & Society Blog

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-Outreach via the Social Policy Blog

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-Winner of the Harrison Prize for the best paper published in Political Studies in 2019
-Outreach via the LSE British Politics & Policy Blog

Anthony Kevins and Kees van Kersbergen. (2019) “The Effects of Welfare State Universalism on Migrant Integration”, Policy & Politics, 47(1): 115-132.
-Outreach via Discover Society and the Policy & Politics Journal Blog

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-Media coverage in The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s

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Book Chapters (Peer-Reviewed)

Anthony Kevins. (2022) “The Impact of Labour Market Vulnerability: Explaining Attitudes toward Immigration in Europe”, Comparative Public Opinion, Cameron D. Anderson and Mathieu Turgeon (eds.), Routledge.

Anthony Kevins. (2022) “When Does Immigration Shape Support for a Universal Basic Income? The Role of Education and Employment Status”, The Handbook on Migration and Welfare, Markus M. L. Crepaz (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing.